Press and Injection Mold Machine Upgrades

Oxford & Ewing Engineering offers turnkey solutions for new and existing mechanical and hydraulic press control systems to comply with the latest applicable CSA standard. In many instances, our cost-effective and straightforward designs, which can incorporate off-the shelf clutch/brake controller packages, can be integrated into the existing control system through on-site modification without the need for complete replacement. Our designs are adaptable to both hand fed and automatic units.

Engineers at Oxford & Ewing Engineering Inc. have been involved in the evaluation and safety upgrade of many injection mold machines and working with our partners, can supply complete safety packages to comply with the current CSA standards.

In accordance with CSA standard Z142-10, single-cylinder hydraulic and pneumatic presses must be equipped with a safety device or devices that will prevent the slide and any attached tooling from falling under gravity if a risk of injury exists. Unlike conventional mechanical devices such as ratchet bars, shot pins or slide locks/latches that engage only at the top or at pitch interval positions, the SITEMA Safety Catcher provides a mechanically safe and reliable means of securing the load at any point of the stroke and are adaptable to virtually any vertical load requiring gravity fall protection. Contact Oxford & Ewing Engineering Inc. for application support. They are also suited for setup, tryout or spotting applications where mid-stroke stoppage of the slide is required.