Oxford & Ewing Engineering Inc. is an innovative electrical engineering firm providing professional engineering, project and construction management and support services in industrial automation, safety and plant performance. We specialize in applications for the manufacturing, agricultural and municipal sectors. We offer an extensive portfolio of services relating to industrial automation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications, plant performance monitoring and analysis and a range of safety related services.

We work in partnership with you and your staff to help you evolve your process. By applying innovative methods and the appropriate technology, you will ultimately achieve the most cost effective, reliable solution with optimal performance and minimum business risks. Our services can be rendered as a standalone project or as part of your company’s lean manufacturing program.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Oxford & Ewing Engineering sets high standards of excellence in delivering its services. From the initial conceptual and development phases through to the final product, we are diligent in providing the progress reporting, documentation and training necessary for successful completion. Our success indicators are your satisfaction with the end product and the quality of our services.

Oxford & Ewing Engineering is committed to providing its clients with services of the highest quality and value.

Our Mission Statement

“To improve our clients competitive position by providing cost effective and innovative industrial control, automation and networking solutions meeting the highest standards of quality and client expectations.”

Our Vision Statement

“We are a Professional Engineering company respected for its high quality of services and expertise in industrial controls automation and information systems. Our success and longevity will be built upon our reputation for customer service excellence and our commitment and respect for our employees, clients and community.”