Increasing Your Efficiency

Increasing Your Efficiency – Strategic (re)Design of Control Systems

The operating efficiency of a process or machine can be greatly influenced by the system controlling it. Given the flexibility of most present day programmable systems, the program itself is but one of the numerous variables that can have a measurable impact on production output. At Oxford & Ewing Engineering Inc., we focus on helping our clients improve the efficiency of their operations through Strategic (re)Design and Industry Intelligence.

Strategic (re)Design means:

Understanding your business needs
  • system scalability to allow for future requirements
  • equipment life expectancy
  • vendor strengths
  • vendor support
  • return on investment needs
Assessing the current system
  • gain an understanding of your process and objectives
  • conduct a control system efficiency audit to identify potential opportunities
Taking an iterative design approach
  • incorporate the ideas of the Operations’ team throughout the design cycle
  • assess all variables of the process that can have a measurable impact on the production output
  • evaluate all assessed variables through the design process to ensure maximum efficiency.
Obtaining maximum throughput with efficient controller programming
  • use properly engineered programming techniques for reliable and efficient production throughput
  • program for fault tolerance
  • program for parallel processing
  • program for effective interlocking/interfacing with other systems
  • program for the removal of unnecessary delays
Considering, as part of the design process
  • type, placement and quantity of sensors
  • ease of operation of the control system
  • effectiveness of system documentation
  • operator and maintenance personnel training
  • preventative maintenance program
  • industry proven reliable control technologies.
Providing complete documentation and training
  • operations and technical manuals
  • drawings in standardized and easily reproducible format
  • suitable personnel training
  • visual aids at the operator workstation

Oxford & Ewing Engineering is committed to providing this complete package to ensure the client will continue to benefit from the increased productivity of this control system.

Industry Intelligence

Control system technology advancement is constantly changing, creating more efficient and more economical methods of control. Understanding these advancements is prerequisite to effective design. To maintain current with these technologies, Oxford & Ewing Engineering invest considerable resources in technology research to keep our clients attuned to the leading engineered control technologies and to incorporate these technologies to achieve a superior design.

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